White Linen

There are few things in this world more alluring than the beckoning of a bed covered in crisp sun kissed just washed and pressed white linen bedding.

The desire to sink into the sheer softness of such a simply glorious delight is overwhelming and the gratification once so done is instant. It holds all the promise of sweet dreams and unquestionable comfort that this world so rarely delivers.

It entices you unconditionally and is dependably satisfying every time. You can be in the most ghastly of foul moods, but it all sinks away in the comfort of your own bed, fancily dressed purely for your own entertainment. It is an incomparable solace of solitude, a place where dreams are unlimited and hopes are not shattered. A place that replenishes your strength in yourself and gives you courage to face another day.

Too often we overlook the power of a good night’s rest, too soon do we ruin the sanctity of our bed with activities other than sleep (and no, I’m not invoking gutter-minded thoughts). Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, the one place where your are safe from the worries of the world, the one place where you do not allow your restless mind to rage unrestricted. If you cannot find rest in your bed – get up. Go be restless in some other part of your home. Return only once you have wholly waged the war against your discontent.

Allow your bed to heal you, to provide you with that ever eluding relief from pain and anxiety. Some may say that home is where the heart is, I say bollocks to that – home is wherever your bed is. For your bed, in all its simplicity, is the one thing that will continue to comfort you eternally.

Wash your favourite sheets, cover the advocate of your cause with care, have a shower and get into bed. You will find it quite pleasurable, guaranteed.