Colour in the Lines

I love the law. Wow, shocker, I know, really stating the obvious there. But I do. I have many hypothesis’ that are revving to be smashed down onto paper for the whole world to gobble up and jump onto the bandwagon of yet another brilliantly thought out and rationalised argument of mine.


I sometimes sit and think about all these ideas and ideals I have, mostly in the sphere of international law, and what I envisage to be the way forward in a time when the world has become a nut shell with all of us scavenging for the same nut. There is so much room for development both in the civil and criminal fields of international law that it excites my intellect in a very vivid manner. Why, I have ten conundrums in my head right now, just waiting for me to solve. It takes ingenuity and a fearless nature of character to brave such a new and ever expanding canvass of possibilities.


You get the point. I am passionate about what I do, and one day I hope to find a platform to the powers that be to profess my passion in a real way. I have never wanted fame or fortune (I don’t want to struggle either, but more on that another time), my goal is far more unattainable. I want greatness. I want to look back on my life and be satisfied that I contributed to it in a very real and positive way.


Yet that doesn’t answer the actual question, does it? The question, of course, being why do I love the law. I would imagine it’s all too easy to understand once you juxtapose it to life. The law is made up of a whole heap of decisive authority. Legislation, case law, text books, treaties, uniform rules of court, practice directives and the like cement in place boundaries. Boundaries which may be nudged and questioned, but must be obeyed. There is no two ways about it.


For example, if there is a court order in place, even if it is erroneous, that order must be obeyed until a court of competent jurisdiction overturns it (or varies it, or whatever – I’m not here to give you legal advise right now). This brings about a certainty and a (yes) boundary. I know the law, I can define it and research it and know exactly where the limits lie. It’s very much like a colouring book. You are given defined and exact lines to work with. How you colour in from there is up to your own ingenuity. That is where the art lies in practicing law. You realise the limits of your matter and then you present the facts in a way that colours the picture in an innovative and groundbreaking way.


Now life, on the other hand, does not come with the same guidelines. Relationships are hard, regardless of their nature. For the purposes of this here thought pattern, I am not limiting that to the love-sick puppy kind. I am talking about ‘relationships’ in the universal sense. Family, friendship, love affairs, dating, engagements, marriages… And the hardest one, your relationship with yourself.


It’s all tough and it’s all indefinable and there are no hard and fast rules to guide you. I have time and again heard people say that they will only enter into a relationship if it ticks some sort of predefined box that they have engineered. I guess this is a way of protecting yourself, but at the same time, this is merely an illusion we create to make us feel safer in this chaotic maze we know as life. Who are we kidding?


There is a reason why there are so many stories about someone coming along and breaking the mould of what people’s expectations are. It’s because that’s where the bud of the truth lies. There is nothing like a fixed notion when it comes to relationships, because for every rule we put in place, ten exceptions to the rule pops up instantaneously. People are not cattle. You cannot categorise them and hope hell for leather that they stay put. If you think that, you are as daft as you are ignorant.


People are forever changing in themselves, and therefore you cannot look at the same person twice and expect that they have not in some iota of their being changed. It’s constant and it’s confusing.


Now the law, sure, it evolves too, but that evolution is analytical in nature and takes decades to take true effect, and once it does, it is law, and your boundaries are re-adjusted and you are certain of where you stand and what your rights and obligations are. People are crazy. They are unpredictable on an unprecedented level. That is not to say that they will always let you down – on the contrary, people can surprise you in the most endearing and everlasting manner. However, the law is constant in nature and in application. It is easy to know where you stand, what you can demand and what is expected of you.  Relationships… not so much.