In vino veritas (You are my aphrodisiac and I am your Aphrodite)

Tonight, I yearn for you with such fervent desire that it feels like my dreams are reaching out from their sound slumber into my stark reality, making my wanton need escalate dangerously close to eruption. I want you here to make my what-ifs come true, I want you here to hold my hand and kiss my lips and make me drunk on the fairytale that is happiness. I want your hands to satisfy my carnal craving for the slightest of human touch. I want to gaze into your eyes while I sip my wine and escape deeper into oblivion. I want reality to fade into the background and my dreams to come alive with the hope of possibilities yet unexplored.


I want to explore you, I want to know you, I want to let you in as I push aside all rational thought and the fear of failure it provokes. I want to feel your heart beat and your pulse quicken at the mere thought of being near me, I want to have your mind and your tongue stimulate me with words yet unspoken. I want to enjoy the uninhibited feeling of passion pursued with a flame unattended, left to ravage my mind and heart and soul and body. I want to have it all and remember none of it. I want to flirt with the boundaries of my sanity and allow you to make my head spin with incoherent thoughts as you kiss away the constraints of consciousness inch by inch. 


As night draws a veil over my eyes, I conjure you to life in my wildest of dreams, you, the protector of my soul’s deepest desires, you, the lover of the sum total of my being.  You are my aphrodisiac and I am your Aphrodite. I let the thought of you pour me another glass of wine while I wait for you to come on home and turn me on…


You are the closest thing to crazy I will ever be, you awaken me to the truth behind the role I pretend to play, the person I pretend I am and you allow me to paint a picture of a perfect world where I can live as if only love mattered. I breathe in and breathe out as everything around me keeps moving, keeps me away from the all consuming only thing I want right now. I hold on tighter to this dream world to which you hold the other line, this sacred thread that barely connects our beating hearts as it quivers constantly in the winds of uncertainty. I feel the tug around my waist as you pull me closer into the magical twilight zone of our own time where nothing is impossible, nothing is forsaken and nothing is real. I intrepidly move towards you without hesitation, afraid not of mistakes to be made, but of chances unclaimed. This will be my night, this will be my moment and I shall be damned if I let the foolish reality of cruel and uncomforting truths ruin it…


Is a moment any less extraordinary because it only lasts for a split second? Is a dream any less intoxicating because it is only a dream? Are you any less existent because you only survive in my dreams? Are even my dreams a fallacy?


No… do not answer that. Or if you must, lie to me, leave my fantasy be and pour me another glass of seductive red wine.