So my mum brought it to my attention that my blog may present some liability at times, and I thought it best to add this here little disclaimer, albeit I will spare you a mouthful of legalese and just canvass it in broad terms. If you want a whole list of T’s & C’s and fine print, you’re welcome to it.

Firstly, if I do not give credit where it is due, it is mostly a result of my own ineptitude when it comes to technology and not because I am trying to steal someone’s thunder. If you feel I’ve snatched some of your intellectual property, just let me know how to fix it, and I will oblige. I do want to add now that almost all of my pics are from  http://weheartit.com/ , which is a kick ass site with some lovely pics! Go find them all there….

Secondly, if I have posted about a specific person or situation and you feel I have materially misrepresented you or it, you are welcome to discuss it with me. For the most part, I check my more ‘sensitive’ work with the subject matter anyway. Therefore, if I’ve not raised anything with you, it’s probably not about you, so don’t get offended. If I have written good things about you and you wish to complain, please call me so I can give you some money to buy some cement, build a bridge and get over it.

As for my Today’s Topic. It’s purely subjective and based on nothing more but my own opinion. If you disagree, do so politely or constructively. No-one likes a sourpuss.

Lastly and most importantly, this is my BLOG. It is not a journal or a newspaper or some meticulously factually accurate dissertation. I come here to write and muse about life and how I live it. My writings are subjective and sometimes pure folly of fantasy. It is not gospel, nor gossip. It is merely my attempt at exploring my own abilities and broadening my own horisons. My most intimate thoughts are exactly that – mine. These are my STORIES and even though they may not be memorable, I am proud of them. If you feel compelled to use a little excerpt, a mention would be appreciated.

Much love to all my readers.