A little known fact

I did not set out to write purely about how I FEEL. It can get tedious right? You open my blog and on drones my usual verbal diarrhoea, accosting you with my latest emotional outburst. Sure I‘m passionate about what I write, and I sincerely hope it translates to the page, but sometimes you just want to shut down for a second. It’s habit – I write to figure things out and generally I don’t really need to write about the menial existence of my day to day living to figure out what happened. I know that already. What I don’t know is how it all makes me feel, and so that’s mostly what finds its way from my heart and mind to these pages.


I cannot promise that it will change, in fact, I can almost guarantee that it wont. But, you know… Don’t you sometimes feel like a bit of a break? Not from me, I mean (though I’m sure that rings true too) But from it all? From the desperate need to figure out what it all means, even thinking about feeling is making me weary tonight.


So, we cut to commercial again…


I thought, as we know so little about one another, I shall share some little known useless facts about me. And perhaps, if you feel so inclined, you will tell me a little fact about yourself in return, and so the gap between your computer and mine will decrease ever so slightly.


What would you like to know?


I don’t own a television. I don’t mean I’m so technologically advanced that I watch TV on my PC. I literally do not have a television. It’s a bit of an oxymoron really, since I’m not exactly a Luddite.


My toenails are always painted post box red. It’s a mother-daughter thing, I think. I remember my mum as a little girl that way and now… Monkey see, monkey do.


I don’t own a closet either. The first thing people notice when they walk into my La petite maison. Where do you keep your clothes? Immediate question. I have one shelf and a little side table with four drawers. No, I’m not minimalist, I’m just not one of those hundred-outfit girls. I know, it’s a shock to the system. You’ll get over it.


I like breakfast. It’s my favourite meal, and since I live alone, I mostly have breakfast for dinner. With wine. Killer combo.


My biggest fears are birds and spiral staircases. Put them together and I’ll run screaming blue murder. Don’t ask. It’s perfectly logical, ok!


I love winter. Not in that prefer-it-over-summer way. In that I-detest-summer way. If I could live in a perpetual cold, snowing, overcast world, I would constantly be happy. Bright sunny days make me feel miserable. This seems to be a big deal since I’m a South African. I am who I am, deal or disappear.


I’m much better at baking than making food. Not that I cant cook, I’m just better at baking. I like the preciseness and prettiness of it all.


I dance in my car. Religiously. I get in, the music is on and I’m that idiot jamming away and singing (very falsely) at the top of my lungs in peak traffic. I prefer you joining in rather than pointing and laughing, thank you very much.


I have a little picture frame, engraved with the words ‘Forever Yours’, that’s travelled with me everywhere for the past 10 years. It’s never had a picture in it. I only realised that this year.


I can’t stand chewing gum. It’s not food and it makes most people look like regurgitating cows. Spit. It. Out. Get some Tic Tacs. It does the same thing, and you don’t look like you come from the wrong side of Hope Street.


So there you go… 10 little known, very useless facts about me. Break’s over. Back to thinking about feeling. Perhaps I’ll linger on contemplating about thinking about feeling for an hour or two more. It’s a welcome break, no?


Pics from http://weheartit.com/