How to ease my troubled mind…

I know nothing about cars… When I drove my first car off the lot, my dad made me drive directly home where he proceeded to make me change the tyre twice. I guess he thought I would learn and remember if the need ever arose. All I kept thinking is that I have insurance, they send people to do this. This is not to presuppose I’m totally useless, but practical stuff just isn‘t my thing.


Yet I will tell you one thing. I love driving. LOVE it. I also love driving fast, and I love a sexy car, more so if it’s being driven by an even sexier man who knows how to drive. My temperature always goes a bit hot-blooded if I’m driving with a man who knows what he’s doing. Then again, what girl doesn’t like a man who knows what he’s doing…

I’m not saying I admire these idiots who think burning their tyres qualifies as some sort of foreplay. The very idea of a man who needs to exert his manhood through a throttle is pretty bleak.


There is something freeing about getting behind the wheel, music blaring and just hitting the road. Even though you invariably have to turn around and drive home, it’s nice to have that feeling of escaping your reality. It’s like it gives you something to do without requiring you to actually do anything.


Like ironing a whole load of washing… I know. I’m a freak, but I actually LIKE ironing. Put on some decent music (a pre-requisite for most enjoyable activities in my life), pour a glass of wine and unwind while I systemically do something that requires zero effort and allows my mind the opportunity to wander into the dark recesses without loosing itself, because I have something to focus on, a task that must be done. It gives structure and purpose to the thought process.


If it’s one thing I’ve learnt in life, it is that it is crucial to go there once in a while, to air out my dirty laundry that I have kept hidden even from myself. Clear out the proverbial cobwebs and allow the rock and the hard place life tends to place us all in to be carved into something that is more functional and therefore more user friendly.


So there you have it. The easiest way to alleviate my all to busy mind – take me for a spin in your car and then let me iron your laundry. Bet you didn’t think it could ever be that easy.


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