You ARE special to me…

So here’s the thing.


Of COURSE I treat you differently. I know that, you know that, the freaking gardener would know it, if I had one. I treat you differently because you are special to me in a very certain and particular way that belongs to you and only you. I treat you differently because you came into my life and contributed to it in a way that is so exceptional and I am so very grateful to know you. I treat you like you are special because YOU ARE SPECIAL.




Get off your high horse before I kick you down there.


You ARE special to me, and I would like to think that going forward we will still be able to enjoy many a great times together. So please, for the love of everything precious, don’t ruin it. I’ve seen it happen time and again with people who come into my life and judge me solely on who they think I am and what they think I want and it invariably leads to disaster. I don’t have alternative motives and if you do not believe me, please just ask me – I’m great at playing the games people play, but it is rather boring, don’t you think? You see, I am quick to see the good in people and when I meet a great person, I can acknowledge that they are great.


Sure, I have my own ways about me, I get that, but next time you think that I am treating you in any particular way, I will acknowledge that you are right, I will even acknowledge that I WANT to treat you differently, but only if you stand still for a moment, examine my interactions, see how I treat other people… you will quickly notice that I treat everyone differently, because special people deserve my attention, and I quite like surrounding myself with special people. Maybe you should consider that admirable and not annoying.