Life re/loaded

Recently I have come to the realisation that I have taken life way too seriously to even begin to have some sort of normal existence. It’s what I’ve always wanted, you know… I think it’s what everyone wants. To fit in, to feel just a modicum of normality in their lives, to meet the mean between happy and unhappy. We are not daft enough to think that life will always be rainbows and puppy dogs. Or at least, most of us aren’t. But there is something really misguided in your soul if you do not expect things to just be good every once in a while, even if just for a moment.


Your life, your very being, is not made to only experience the greatness life has to offer. If everything was great all the time, you would not appreciate it with that illustrious allure of the promise of things to come. You are meant to experience the harsher truths, the sad, painful tear-you-down stuff is all there and it sucks. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot fight tooth and nail to get through it. And more importantly, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun. Give yourself a time out – your problems aren’t going anywhere, so why bother being miserable and moping? Deal with your problems, but don’t get so caught up that you cannot experience a good time in spite of your life.


You know what really got me thinking about the state of my own fun-dometer? I’m a music junkie. I cannot imagine a life without a good song, without a melody that makes it all mean more that you even imagined it to be. If I do not have the instant craving to equate a memory with a song, I can guarantee you that the memory isn’t worth remembering…


So standing at the laundromat one Sunday morning about a week ago, my trusty earphones at the ready, I plugged myself into my world where memories are locked up in chords and lyrics of the songs I know and love…


And you know what I realised?


I really have been friggin pathetically depressing lately. Makes me sort of feel sorry for my friends on Twitter, who vicariously listen to my playlist as I abuse the ever popular hashtag nowlisteningto signia.


SO over it. I have a great life, and sure, I don’t know what makes me so unhappy sometimes, and I’m committed to figuring it out, but life is too precious to squander it on being tortured and tumultuous all the time. Live a little, let Life back into your life. You will be surprised at the result… I decided then and there that I am re-loading my playlist and filling it with tracks that don’t torture my soul, but inspire me to want to be happy, to want to have fun, that make me smile… And you know what? Since that Sunday I have experienced such amazing moments that oh-so-definitely require a song (or two even…*aherm*)


Perhaps you will help me continue on my de-serious expedition and leave a comment with your ultimate happy tune to add to the list? I mean, look at it this way – if you help me, I stay fun. And fun me…well… she’s a gal with some great stories!



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