The proof is in the living

Do you remember a while back I wrote about taking a step or two back, to let life just happen for a while and not be so complex about it all?


Well, I remember…


And this is the story of what happens when you do that.



Work went well today, albeit that I’m working very hard. It’s my sister’s birthday, so I give her a call, tell her I love her. She seems happy and that’s all that matters to me. I’m lucky to have a sister like that… I have a glass of great red wine with a colleague at the San at the Southern Sun Hotel at Sandton City and while admiring the view, I start to understand her better and the tension of the past couple of months starts subsiding. Making the effort to resolve this issue makes me feel good. I want to succeed in my work, but that is not just business. What I do is a lifestyle choice, it is who I am every day, regardless of whether I’m at work or not, and that choice starts now.  Evening ends off with another great chat with my sister. It was a good day.



Work is crazy. Everyone else is going to the Family Law conference in Cape Town for the week, and so I’m gearing up to deal with everything. I’m the only attorney in the office. It sort of scares me, but at the same time, I’m excited for the chance to prove myself to the people who have taught me everything that I know. The day flies by before I spend just over an hour getting my groove back on the dance floor. It’s the first night my body remembers movement with fondness and the steps start flowing again. Afterwards I rush home and then rush to a friend‘s house to watch a program for work. I’m supposed to meet other friends for drinks… that doesn’t happen. Instead I have wine, an offroad-trip and an amazing conversation on arguably the most comfortable couch I know right now. It still surprises me how extremely nervous and how completely comfortable I can feel at the exact same time. As for the rest, I’m going to leave it at the imagination of the dots…



Rush traffic that I’m not used to reminds me that I love living where I do, but then, there will be no complaints from me about this delay. Work goes crazy, but I cope and keep it together. This day will be one I will remember for a long time to come. It is rare thing to have a friend fulfill your dreams. My family is a very cultural group, and we love going to the theatre. My favourite show has always been Les Misrables, which I had the good fortune to see years back when they toured South Africa. However, I remember watching Cirque Du Soleil with my mum and sister on a Sunday afternoon on SABC 3, vowing that we would one day see it live…. And goshdarnit if one of my friends did not make that happen for me! Ok, not so much FOR me, but he had a ticket to Cirque Du Soleil Saltimbanco and the good sense to invite me. I could go on forever about how amazing that show was, and it still gives me chills to think that I saw it. Live. With my own eyes.

But I do want to stand still for a moment and commend my friend for his gentlemanly manner. It is rare to find a man that still knows how to treat a lady with such respect and a sense of decorum. Everything that I experienced that night and the thrill of all my senses being stimulated to the point of total ecstasy was made so much more special because I could share it with someone that made the evening what it was… Oh and I got a kick ass key chain that jingles happily and reminds me every day that impossible is just a box we place ourselves in.



I finally get my BlackBerry Torch. Love at first touch. Totally addicted! Grateful to he who said I just must get it… St Paddy’s… I actually don’t need to say more than that, because you all know how St Paddy’s goes. Loud Irish music, Guinness, Loud Boys (read drunk), party party… Now, I will say that the venue wasn’t really my digs, and the place was too crowded for my liking, but then at around 10 one of my favourite friends walked in and the rest of the evening reminded me why he is one of my dearest friends, and also what life is about. He made a lot of sense, and left me feeling a whole lot better about life and about myself. He is one of the few people I know that knows exactly what he wants. No excuses for it, and no doubt about it. It is also sorta scary, since I know that too, I just hide from it or lie about it or try and make it be something it’s not. He called me on my BS though. In a sort of way that my other friends haven’t quite found the words to do. I drove away smiling after having one helluva great night. Good friends who treat you right are rare, and I am so fortunate to have so many.



I really feel like death warmed up, but instead of that I go be awesome instead and meet my best girly for a quick lunch around the corner from work. She’s so great because I can tell her everything and anything, and even though I know I sometimes do things that she does not agree with, she is my best cheerleader and reminds me that I am worth both her and other people’s time and effort. I’m exhausted and want to stay home with movies and popcorn for the night, but I have cancelled on my friend 3 times, and so I rush home after work, get dressed and she picks me up for dinner and some drinks. We sit on the deck, it starts raining gently and we just sit there, feeling refreshed and laughing at all the ‘I’m going to melt, or worse, ruin my hair” dollies run by. In bed by 10pm after good fun and just a tad bit of stalking.



I am determined to stay at home, having turned down invites to Pretoria and to various other friends. It’s been a long, busy, crazy week…. and then, dear FB pops up on my new BB screen with a friend invite, followed by an inbox message and a realisation that I stay about 5km from one of my oldest family friends ever. What a great thing, right! So we immediately plan dinner for 8pm at this quaint little restaurant called Eat. Good food, great service, perfect atmosphere. Nothing uptight about it. Really worth it. We then proceed to his house for coffee, which turns into a nightcap, which turns into listening to music, midnight snacks, a road trip to the garage, more caps, more conversation and before you know it, it’s 07:00 and we’re still chattering away. Eventually I pass out on the couch and he drowsily goes to bed himself. It’s 15:00 before we wake up and slowly at that. We take stock, make breakfast and curl up on the couch with tea in the rain to watch movies till 10pm.


SUNDAY NIGHT, 23:00, 20 MARCH 2011

Pass out.


You get my point? Sure the week was a crazy one, but I stepped back and didn’t stress so much, and in return life gave me a week of fun and laughter and moments I will never forget. We could all do with that… I could so do with more of that.