Issues resolved and drinks on their way

This past two weeks have seen me happy and soaring and shitting myself that I’m not going to keep up. As I write this, I know that my brain should be on my work and that my time is limited. So unlike my usual pensive, reflective blog posts which I write in advance, this one is written by the seat of my skirt (since I am not inclined to wear trousers that often).

Let me therefore get straight to the point of my somewhat hap-hazardous rambling.

I am happy to report that I put my big girl panties on and sorted my life out, or at least, I am back on top of those things which have concerned me for some time. I hope so anyway. I have yet to gage any fall out, but the winds of change seem to be blowing the unwanted thick smog of tension I’ve felt in the past month away from my life. And now that which bothered me does not seem so noteworthy. In light thereof, I call for a ‘moving along swiftly’ approach to the whole thing…I have regained a sense of fun that I thought was well past salvation. I like that, I hope that it will soon be water under a bridge that connects my little island mind of own understanding with the rest of the world. There is something very satisfying in sorting out what you perceive to be your issues. Go on, pick up your car keys and go sort it out. Some things may be harder to say than others and in that respect I can only be grateful for the level of maturity and honesty I have found in my friends.

Friends. Another thing that I just want to mention that I am sooo grateful for. I am surrounded by a group of the most talented and amazing individuals that you could ever imagine and each one of them touch my life and my heart in a very real and true manner. I am so proud to call each one of them my friend. They are always there for me and as I sit at work handling a crisis instead of relaxing on my ONE day of leave that I have taken before my birthday, I smile, because I know that I will see most of them later, and that is all a girl can wish for on her birthday (which is tomorrow). The company of her friends over a couple of cocktails.