It’s my birthday and I’ll drink if I want to…

On 26 April 2011, a day that started off with a very pissed off me due to a work crisis, I arrived a full hour late for my own birthday party booked at our lovely local lounge, Throbbing Strawberry.

I cannot explain in words how much the entire evening meant to me. I experienced an outpouring of love and friendship that I am still totally taken aback by. It may not mean a lot to others, and maybe it just seems like the norm, but it means the world to me to have so many great people to call my friends. I have not lived in Johannesburg for ever. Actually, I have only lived here since July 2009. Most of 2010 (7 months of it, to be exact) I spent at night school and working weekends to realise my dream of becoming an attorney.

I do not wish to sound immodest, but I did not quite realise how many people care enough about me to make the effort to join me in celebrating my “Date of Issue” as one of my friend’s refers to this particular event in all of our lives. I do wish that I had more time to have spoken to everyone as there were a lot of people that showed up and I, in my usual style, was all over the place. I sincerely appreciated it though, and it has made my feel so grateful for my life and the people in it. Most of the time I feel socially awkward and like the effort I make to love and support my friends is never quite enough, but I must be doing something right, and I hope that I will continue to do so, because everyone that came to my birthday party is individually important to me. They matter.

Oh, and did I mention the awesome loot I got!?! I’m not very good at accepting gifts, and I am definitely more of a giver where gifts are concerned, but at the moment my entire dining room table is stacked with gifts and I will say, it ain’t half bad.

As the night flew by and as the amazing conversation around a big table kept getting merrier a the shots kept coming, there was only one thing left for me to do. And that’s dance. Like no-one’s watching. At Billy the Bum’s. Even saying it makes me think ‘oh dear’. But fun was had in bucket loads with a whole lot of friends. Albeit that by this stage I was in and out of being part of the conversation – dance like no-one’s watching, remember.

Eventually at some incredulous hour, my Boy that is Friend drove me safely to the second best place EVER at that time of the morning. Andiccio’s 24/7 Pizza. Cheese, feta and parma ham with more cheese… and Cream Soda. Preemptive strike on that hangover, was my thinking. After consuming said yumminess, it was time for the BEST place in the world at that time of the morning, an hour generally reserved for waking up and not for first time appearances, BED.

The next morning I felt like death on toast, but with Boy that is Friend’s amazing coffee and strawberry muffin wake up call, I only have fond memories. Even of the hangover that lasted throughout my actual birth day (being 27 April 2011). Granted, I had to ask Boy that is Friend how old I exactly am on said date since I doubted that being born in 1985 made me 26. Math capable brain at the ready, my concerns were put to rest and the inevitable post party vegging on couch could commence without further ado. Oh no wait, I first had to endure the horrific drive back to Throbbing Strawberry to collect my vehicle, left there out of necessity until such time as the owner (being me) regained a semblance of sobriety. It was there and fine, and homeward bound I was.

Happy birthday to me. Here’s hoping the year ahead is filled with new adventures shared with the great friends I have already made and those I am yet to meet. There is so much that dawned on me on Wednesday night, but the most important thing is this – If my life right now is as good as it gets, then I’m one of the luckiest woman alive. I have the most incredible life, because I have the most incredible friends and family.

Thank you seems wholly inadequate, but it is all that I have. So to everyone who came out with me, and to those from far away who called me, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. You have made me feel so distinctly special that I am quite speechless… Well, as speechless as I’m ever going to get…