29 April 2011: The Royal Wedding

I stop my alarm before it even goes off and leave Friend’s house in stealth mode so as to not wake up the household. Thank goodness for school holidays, because otherwise the drive to my flat and then to work would have taken forEVER. Home, bath, get ready for work. I feel drained.

Every second is like an hour at work and my day is seriously dragging, almost as low as my eyelids. I can handle work on almost no sleep after a good party, but after a night of brain bugging, my circuit is fried.

It’s the Royal Wedding of Kate and William today. I don’t really care that much, but it is undeniably history in the making, so we set up the tv in the boardroom to watch the circus. I think her dress is beautiful and she is very pretty, maybe too thin, but who am I to judge. It strikes me that even though there are crazy bus loads of people at Buckingham Palace and all over London, people respect the proceedings and don’t stampede or interfere.

I wonder if South Africans would have the same sense of respect at such an event here. That, after our lack of emphasis on the importance of education, is my biggest worry when it comes to South Africa. Our land, albeit flawed in many ways, is beautiful, magnificent even. We need to start respecting each other and our immediate environment. If you take care of your little piece of this country, it will go a long way in improving the general standard of living. It saddens me that people deface buildings and trash the streets instead of seeing the big picture. Even if it’s not a perfect world, it’s the only country you have. Most of the population of South Africa will live and die right here. If you pull it through your ass, it’s not going to magically be replaced with a new one.

Home. Dead, but the social calendar demands attention. Luckily not too much of it. I spend the evening with Mein Schatz. I’m glad to see him. We talk about the law and life and drink red wine. I feel safe for the night. I talk too much. Stress combined with red wine makes for a more than usual motor mouth me. Bleh. He doesn’t mind as much as other people do. Bed time. Pure exhaustion.