2 May 2011: Movies, my country and me

Note to self: 07:30 is NOT the time to wake up on a public holiday.

Boy that is Friend makes coffee. Grumbles all round and I constructively decide my flat could do with seeing me alone for a change. I daresay that despite appearances adduced from my social calendar, I am not one that can constantly deal with people around me. After a weekend of seeing people every day, I am quite delighted at the thought of spending the day in my own company. I am drinking tea and writing as I have decided to add to my blog. I’m aiming not to change it, but to diversify.

I watch Invictus. Now granted, for someone that watches the amount of movies that I do, I’m slow to jump on the bandwagon. As you all know, I do not own a television (I will admit, I’m starting to cave on that idea too), and so I only watch series or movies on my laptop. Thus I watch a LOT of movies. Invictus I guess was very different to other movies in that it did not matter to me that Morgan Freeman was in it, or even old Matt Damon (After Team America, I just cannot take him seriously), or even that the accents were not that great. Or that there was a Hyundai Getz  motor vehicle parked like a back to the future time travel vehicle in the streets.

What did matter is that the spirit of the movie gave me goosebumps, it thrilled me and made me proud to say that I am a South Africa and part of that history. Now granted, I cannot throw my weight around with commentary on racism or apartheid, I was 9 in 1994 and lived in George in the Western Cape. I had three days off school during the elections. That’s it. That’s all I can tell you. Sure, there have been incidents later on in life that bring the reality of black and white into contrast, but I did not grow up in a home filled with that hate in their hearts and so I am, quite honestly, ignorant when it comes to the actual practical experience of that time.

I do, however, remember that time in my own special way, and as an Afrikaans girl, I most certainly remember the Bokke 1995 World Cup Rugby win. I was touched and it made me smile and feel proud of being South African and a part of South Africa. It made me want to contribute to achieving greatness as a nation. Because yes, I may want to leave South Africa one day to pursue my own dreams, but I am here right now. Nowhere else. And while I AM here, and while YOU are here, we might as well get on with it.

After the credits roll, I write some more, catch up on some tweets, chat to The Sister. I’m currently under attack from the Chinese Torture Artist that is my uterus, so more tea, more painkillers and then bed. Much needed bed.