3 May 2011: Tony’s, my television and tornadon’ts

Work is not exactly riveting today, but I am not complaining either. A day or two in the slow lane on a short work week isn’t exactly the worst feeling in the world. I clock out at 16:00. Yay me. Only leave at 16:30 and I spend the next hour on my cellphone to various clients, Counsel and psychologists. Better luck next time workaholic.

Boy/Friend asks me out for dinner to Tony’s Spaghetti Grill. Not sure the “slash” will ever be lifted since he is like redbull on steroids when it comes to liking me and I’m a particular brand of crazy myself. I dunno hey. Only one that can make that call is me, but this is not the time nor the place for such deep discussions… sure it will crop up soon enough. Just need the words. Not sure what they are yet, but still need ’em.

BUT, before dinner it’s time to buy the beast. As mentioned, I luurve me some movies and so my adverse inclination to the boob tube was carefully weighed against the beauty and splendor of a Samsung 40″ LED FHD flat screen that screams sexy, was on major special AND came with a free Samsung Blu Ray dvd player. Like I stood a chance. #SOLD

I know, total splurge and totally going to take forever to pay it off, but if you watch a movie on this external manifestation of my heart’s current desire, you will understand. It is AWESOME. Like in. AWESOME. And stuff. Oh, and before the parentals yell about responsible purchasing first (the mother, she reads the blog, you see, so I get into twouble a lot), I have budgeted for the illusive washing machine and the landlord is checking out the pipes (not MY pipes) tomorrow.

Anyway, back to dinner. Boy/Friend is right on time and amazed that I carried said purchase into my abode without his (gym strong arms) help. Right now I’d like to break into a banter about women’s rights and I can do anything a man can, but are you friggin kidding me!?!? If my excitement could contain me, I would so have waited for him to get there before logging the decidedly heavy box into the bedroom, but dammit, I could not wait and wanted to ohhh and ahhh in peace for a while.

Dinner is delish. We drink brandy (my favourite, yell now about uncouth behaviour and get it over with) and eat pasta. I order spaghetti and meatballs. Classically scrumptious. Boy/Friend also buys me my very own little Tony in aid of charity. (I don’t really care about helping the planet or the whales or snails or whatever cause she said it’s for, but awwww…It squeeks and everything) We chat and laugh and I check my phone too much (social networking, the life and death of romance) and then Boy/Friend drives me home and sets up my new toy for me. I’m not sure if he’s just a sucker for punishment or a true gentleman, but he gets it all connected. I grin, he grins, we drink more brandy. He says goodnight. I’d like to say he was 100% gentleman, but my personality doesn’t exactly scream DON’T KISS ME, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t know, I refer you to my library of lust. I did not kiss him. Gratefully, he did not die of disappointment and he lives to try another day. Slash still in tact. #Growth . And stuff.

On that note and a completely different topic…come now, keep up, would you!?!? You know how my parents now stay in New Zealand? There was this massive crazy tornado that hit 10km from where they live in Auckland. They are fine, but I tell you, I’m not totally blow away by my parents living in a country where there are natural disasters like that…When they lived here I worried about them being mugged or being involved in an accident, but there I worry about them being shaken or stirred off this earth. Hectic stuff. I miss them tonight. There is so much I wish I could share with them about my life.

I fall asleep as the ‘rents get ready for breakfast. Good day was had, and that’s always a great thing.