It is one of the big ones. Love and lust stand no chance against it, because without trust they simply cannot flourish. Sure, you can want someone, even love them, in the absence of trust, but it will never amount to much. Without trust, there can never be growth, and without growth the future remains the present, stagnant, slowly succumbing to an all too early end.

Most people have that innate ability to gauge how much trust to entrust to another person. To instinctively know when too much has come to pass and the fine thread of trust that was tugging at their heart strings is irreparably damaged. Most people understand the concept of “quit while you’re ahead”.

Not me. I seem to have bumped my head too many times to practice the purging of an untrustworthy person from my life. I intentionally state it that way, because the silly girl that is I will continue to trust these untrustworthy fools whom I know to be such fools, until I myself seem foolish.

Trust. It is the big one. Not only in giving, but in taking away. It is the end of nothing and the start of something until it is not. Until I stand there beaten and blue, knowing in hindsight that the inch I gave was extended to the end of my being. To the end of my sanity. To that point where my trust in others leads to my own, and not their, destruction. I keep on trusting beyond the point of irreparable damage. I trust until I am broken….