20 July 2011: Ode to my Blackberry…

I’ve been quiet lately due to first a lack of inspiration, thereafter a lack of words to express said inspiration and now due to a lack of good health.

I have Lymphangitis and a deep inner ear infection, thus rendering me to the confines of my bed with strict orders to stay put for the remainder of this week. My doctor apparently fancies me quite a bit because come Friday I will have seen him 3 times this week. With the exception of The Boyfriend(now ex), that’s the most times I’ve seen a single man in one week. I mean single as in singular. Dear Doctor is married.

But I digress, which is bound to happen while blogging this week. I’m on 24 pills a day. Apparently one kind of drug isn’t enough. 5 a day is my diagnosis – funny, right? Like the amount of fruit and vegetables we’re supposed to eat in a day!!

Anyway, I thought I’d take this ample opportunity I have while lying in bed with only my phone and the people in it to write a little something about my phone…

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, right? Did I just say phone? Indeed, dear Readers, I did.

You see, I have been mocked time and again about the sincere attachment I have to my Blackberry. I do the BB prayer (those who have one know the stance) so often I have a phone charger for my home, my car and my office. Now this may seem a bit addictive, but this is not without reason.

This week of being ill has made me grateful for the sometimes-intrusive function of Blackberry Enterprise Services. I know now that when I walk into the office, my emails won’t be a mountainous heap of dread. I also know there is no immediate crisis that is going unattended, allowing me to heal relatively-stress free. Invaluable that is.

More than this, my family, like most families in this global world we live in, are an international mashup with the parental unit relocated abroad and my only and dearest sister 1200km away from me, Gran even further away. Thanks to this awesome little device I’m blogging from right now, I have been able to keep them updated about doctor’s visits and picture diaries of my face – which the one side of has merged into a singular (and single,as single I am) blob of lymph that’s pretty funny if it wasn’t so serious.

My friends on my bbm, twitter, facebook and whatsapp have also kept me going through this time of, let’s face it, self pity. No-one wants to admit it, but we all feel a little pathetically shut out and alone when you’re contagious and unable to work, see friends or anything. My sick note literally says STRICT bed rest. In capitals and underlined. Thanks, Dear Doctor, point taken.

So what’s the point? The point is that next time you look at me when I’m with you and think I’m a freak for being on my phone so much….remember that when you’re not next to me, I’m the freak that actually checks in on how you are doing. I’m the freak that likes to keep in contact with all my family and friends and really cares about how you are doing.

And right now I’m the freak (with the freaky looking face to back it up) that is beyond grateful for the amazing family and friends I have who have all checked in daily, who are genuinely concerned about my well being. I am a lucky girl, and even though I still have at least 2 days of solitude ahead, I have not for one moment felt lonely.

And hey, its also forced me to try and figure out how to use my wordpress app… Again: How awesome is my phone?