In vino veritas (my light is still burning)

Every time I look at you my passion grows both in depth and strength, my weakness is in the making and my desire knows no bounds. Perhaps if I was just a little bit wiser, I would not admit it, because the dreams locked up in your vault are the longed for fantasies that I know scare me. The magnitude of your magnetism makes me wish I was just a little less afraid of my own being. It’s not that it’s love, but its certainly nothing less than it. For as with all passion, it is inevitable that love will be ever enveloping and present. What it is, is the sexy seduction of your mind, your way of understanding what life is about and making it seem so flawless to live.

My eyes linger on your smile and the history of you contained therein and I sip my wine, patiently waiting for my dreams to jump off the canvass of my creative mind. I may not be able to handle it, the quivering contest for my affection to draw attention is daunting, but it is wonderment at it’s most wonderful fulfilment. You know when to kiss me, you see the moments and grasp what they are about. You know the disparity between my mentality and sexuality. You know when to push and when to pull away.

When my world is rocked to such a height of hunger, I am happy to dream instead of face reality. In my dreams you are ever present. In reality I have no idea who you are. I pick up the pieces of my heart scattered over a decade of douchebags and piece it back together. In this dreamland I can still distinguish between who I am and the shields I have so carefully shut myself in with, what you do to the fire in my soul, in the dreams I so happily embrace for the light they remind my heart I have, I can never explain.

But I wake in the morning as always, and the shield is generated. I look out the window at the light and then the dark and then the light again. Day after day I long only for that moment when I can experience that feeling I never attain. Dear wine, make my dreams come swiftly, make them feel as good as you taste.

In vino veritas. The light in me has not dimmed, you just have to be brave enough to come and find it.