New Zealand, New Year

I have been in New Zealand visiting my parents for just over a week and I am truly enjoying spending time with them. The country… well, judgment reserved so far, but let’s just say this fast paced city girl is missing her crowded city filled with the familiar hustle and bustle noises. However, I cannot say that after a few weeks of shutting down this will not become a preferred state of silence.

There are a few things I have reflected on since I have landed here, as I am now a couple of weeks into a new regime of dealing with my drama, and also, time away has given me the added benefit of perspective. I have come to understand that I need my family, sometimes more than I allow myself to admit. I have come to realise that my friends are my family too, and I miss them dearly and daily. I have realised that work will in fact wait if I am not there, and that I do not have to constantly feel guilty about not being accessible to my clients 100% of the time.

More than anything, the time away from my ‘normal life’ is giving me time to decide what I want in 2012. And no, I do not mean new years resolutions, I mean what do I want to achieve in 2012. The best thing you can do is challenge yourself, build on your own being, but for that you need structure and purpose, a defined goal and a means of achieving same.

For me, the first step seems quite meaningless, but here it is:

Buy a book.