How to be unique, just like everybody else

I want to tell you something unique, something different, something so completely me that it will leave a mark, a remembrance of who I am within your mind.

But how?

When the entire world is connected and news and new travels across continents within the space of the 140 characters of a tweet, how do you achieve uniqueness? The Beatles said that there’s nothing you can do that can’t be done. If they were still around, I’m sure they’d call for a rewrite: There’s nothing you can do that hasn’t been done.

It’s all old, even when it’s new. We are blasé about it all, nothing shocks us anymore. What do we expect from a society that has not one, but 7 Saw movies out. And no, don’t try to convince me that there is in fact a deep psychological meaning to those movies. Granted, I only watched the first one and albeit that it was gory and tasteless, it was boring. Oh look, more blood, guts and horror, and of course, the age old question of how far you would go to preserve your own life. Bitch please. Study jurisprudence and debate the issue by using the Spelunking Explorers case as a reference. The movies don’t begin to touch the intricate nuances of that question.

Another example (one of too many!) is the movie, House of Wax. This must be one of the most terrifying things you could ever imagine happening to a person, but we were all thinking the same thing. One, why were they even entertaining the idea of this little creep town in the first place – they are not living in the dark ages and we’ve all seen enough scary movies to just KNOW that’s a bad idea. Two, I did NOT think Paris Hilton would stay alive for that long. Kudos to you Blondie! And Three, *yawn* he’s going to kill everyone but one girl and one guy. And they’re all hot. What’s up with that? It’s not predictable at all.

Now don’t get me wrong, scary movies can still scare the bejeezus out of me, but you have to look far and wide to find one that is UNIQUE. The real problem of course is that current events are intense enough to desensitise us from all of this shock-horror-stun-me-for-five-minutes crap.

But, I digress….

The point is that you have to stop trying to impress other people. You never will. They’ve been there, done that and bought a better T-shirt than you. The only thing we can do is to keep surprising ourselves, impressing ourselves. Look at your life internally and one up yourself because I promise you THAT is the moment you will feel pretty chuffed with yourself and, let’s face it, the rarest of all people in this jaded world we live in are the happy ones. And no, not the optimistic fuckers with a tendency to be more annoying that that twitch in your eye that won’t go away and makes you actually and seriously consider ripping your own eyelid off. I mean those people who have got their shit together. You look at them and you’re like Man! You have it together. You know how they have it all? Cause they work for it, for themselves. They don’t wait around trying to make an impression on others, they make themselves so great that others want to be an impression of them.