Unicorns that poop rainbows

Again, I come back to where I belong. Where it all starts and ends. My soul. This blog has never quite been about my need to talk about my emotions. It has been more than that – it has been my need to fix my soul, to tell the world that I am out here and I am trying and failing, but I am not failing to try.

I have kept quiet for a while, and in my silence there was purpose too. When I don’t say something, it is just as meaningful as when I do. Since my last post, I have taken time to be silent. To listen to myself instead of arguing my own soul into denial, something which I do far too often.

I think that, although it may be somewhat premature, I will be writing again. This time, it may feel a little different and I may digress from my usual search of my soul from time to time, but it’s only because I have learnt a very valuable lesson echoed today by a friend whom I owe so much of my sanity to – it is good to believe in and practice introspection, but at some point you have to stop talking and start to DO.

Unicorns that poop rainbows, my friends. THAT is the ultimate lesson for today.

Unicorns that poop rainbows…