I want to remember this moment, right now, this greatness I feel in my passion to reach my goals, the simplicity with which it seems I all of a sudden can tackle even the most darkest of problems in my life and feel as if in a very real and practical way, I can and should and will indeed do this. The collected composure I all of a sudden can muster in even the most trying of circumstances. Purpose, structure, focus…


It is a state of being I very rarely feel. Most of the time, I’m the headless chicken type running around from one drama to the next, but something has clicked lately. It is not MY drama. Sure, like everyone, I have one or two niggles, I have people who I have to make amends with, some back log in my goals I should have reached by now, a credit card that seemingly will just not be paid off ever! But other than that, I have no drama, no politics, no reason to feel out of control or conflicted. For now, anyway.

I know what I want and I have a clear strategy for achieving it. The drama, it seems, comes when I allow others and their misty lives of mayhem and malice to drag me into their circle of care and all of a sudden I am the fixer. I am the one that has to take responsibility for their problems. What foolish truth! There is no-one that would do that for me. And thank goodness for it. I want to be in control of my own life, maybe a little too much even.

Let me lay some truth on you. If you strip down your life to its foundations, you will see what you are made of and trust me, it’s a lot stronger than what you think if you’re brave enough to rip out the bad plumbing and get on with it.