A fully fleged, hot blooded, very capable woman

They mean men...AAAAnnnndddd, I took one :)

They mean men…AAAAnnnndddd, I took one :)

So the first question I know you all have… where the hell have I been?

The easy answer is I’ve been sorting my shit out. The right answer? Well… that’s a much longer story and I’m not sure where to begin to bore you with the tedious dilemma of the drama that was my life. It is, suffice it to say, over now. So instead of explaining to you how a woman that holds wisdom and intelligence as the most important jewels to be cemented down by humble livings in comfortable shoes lost her head in the ass of ignorance yet again, I will move along swiftly, to tell you how much of a woman I have become.

I have simplified my life in many a ways. I have a wonderful partner whom I live with. He is the best part of my happiness, but not of me. That much I adore about our relationship. I am free to be me, and he, he certainly is worth being wonderful for.In my freedom, I very much choose my choice. But it’s up to me to be great in me and for me. It is my life and my heart and my will that gets me where I need to be. He is simply a wonderful cheerer with pew-pews (the geek version of pom poms) and loads of support for all things me.

Which leads us to the simplification. The first thing I wanted to do was cut down on the constant guilt associated with debt. In that process I have consolidated some accounts, paid off all outstandings and now the only liability left is my car. The fact that I am grown up enough to talk about money is already one of those big steps one needs to take. I am not saying it should replace your idle musings, but certainly, as a society we are loathe to speak about the tough issue, and one of them is money. Cold, hard, cash. It’s the world’s most taboo subject if you ask me – the world revolves around money, yet the average Joe will rather spew forth his personal secrets than talk about his finances. People will rather gargle a swarm of wasps before talking about their wealth management, or lack thereof… This is truly fascinating, given how much time people spend accumulating wealth… go figure.

So the woman in me took charge.