So my mum brought it to my attention that my blog may present some liability at times, and I thought it best to add this here little disclaimer, albeit I will spare you… Continue reading

Game. Set. Match.

I got played. I’ll say it again, because heaven help me even I don’t quite believe it. I. got. Played. I know what you’re thinking – erase, erase. The last thing you want… Continue reading

In vino veritas (You are my aphrodisiac and I am your Aphrodite)

Tonight, I yearn for you with such fervent desire that it feels like my dreams are reaching out from their sound slumber into my stark reality, making my wanton need escalate dangerously close… Continue reading

It’s not rocket science

Lately, I have been thinking about dating. Not so much about me dating, but the concept in general, although I would be lying if I don’t concede that at least some of it… Continue reading

God save the Queen

My dear, sweet England. I cannot help but think back on it tonight after a great reminder of my time there. I have fallen in love many times, but never as deep or… Continue reading

In Vino Veritas (the pain of waking and the sweetness of slumber)

True to my prediciton, after Part I I woke up with a mammoth headache. One that shocked through my being and awoke me from my dream magic to the harsh reality of time. At… Continue reading

Perception (yours is wrong)

You know what, I have bit my lip and held my tongue a lot in this life even though I talk a lot and, except if you’re a friend in the very inner… Continue reading

Colour in the Lines

I love the law. Wow, shocker, I know, really stating the obvious there. But I do. I have many hypothesis’ that are revving to be smashed down onto paper for the whole world… Continue reading

This is my interpretation

So I guess I’m obliged to write about this. I cannot ignore it, and I cannot just sweep it under the rug with the rest of my dirt and leave it for another… Continue reading

Presence perplexed by perception

I smile and pretend like the worries of my world are trivial petty problems compared to the sheer depth of hell you’re going through. I put myself on the back foot and let you… Continue reading