Thunderstorms and certainties

There is something sensationally magical about a thunderstorm. Sinister almost, secretive, seductive, alluring, capturing my mind and soul in a mesmerising trance in which I remain the willing participant, seeking shelter to keep me safe, yet… Continue reading

It’s October again

My posts have been somewhat gloomy of late, I admit. Not intentionally so, but my mind has been pre-occupied with my heart. It’s not a bad thing, for a little introspection goes a long… Continue reading

Where was I when they handed out knowing you are loved?

Don’t hold yourself like that, cause you’ll hurt your knees. I kissed your mouth and back that’s all I need. Don’t build your world around volcanoes, they melt you down. What I am… Continue reading

Love.(This is not the fun part)

Never has there been a topic that has been dissected as much. Scientist have tried to explain it, theologians have revered it, poets and musicians make their money from it and people? Well… Continue reading

Music and memories

    A single chord of a song can bring back a moment in time as if it never ended.   I hear Cher opening ‘Strong Enough’ with ‘I don’t need your sympathy’… Continue reading

Celebrations, universal truths and nipple caps

Some nights are too special not to note to memory literarily. This is the story of one of those. To paint you a picture – I have been waiting for this exact moment… Continue reading

Die Onverkenne Een

Wanneer die nag stil raak en my gedagtes tyd kry om hulself te ontverm oor die diepte van my siel, wonder ek soms oor die onverkrygbare wense van ‘n onverkenne hart se liefde… Continue reading


I have, by and large, been single for more than four years and it’s a bit like being stuck on a see saw. It is the best of times, and it is the… Continue reading

kə myóoni káysh’n

If you can’t get a hold of me by calling my mobile, you could text me, leave me a voicemail or call my work number – either my direct or our general line,… Continue reading

In Vino Veritas

Like any true fantasy, my eyes at first only notice the sudden colour in the crowd of grey before I see you take a seat quite near me, your shirt ocean blue, as… Continue reading