2 May 2011: Movies, my country and me

Note to self: 07:30 is NOT the time to wake up on a public holiday. Boy that is Friend makes coffee. Grumbles all round and I constructively decide my flat could do with… Continue reading

1 May 2011: Hey you, yes you, shuttup!

Can it really be May already? I chat to Mein Schatz, make tea, talk to my daddy, talk to my mum, talk to The Best Friend about her plans for cocktails later, tweet… Continue reading

I am not all sunshine and roses

I like to pretend like the problems in my life do not pass the realm of love and heartache. You see, mending a broken heart caused by a silly boy who you never… Continue reading

29 April 2011: The Royal Wedding

I stop my alarm before it even goes off and leave Friend’s house in stealth mode so as to not wake up the household. Thank goodness for school holidays, because otherwise the drive… Continue reading

It’s my birthday and I’ll drink if I want to…

On 26 April 2011, a day that started off with a very pissed off me due to a work crisis, I arrived a full hour late for my own birthday party booked at… Continue reading

28 April 2011: Drinking and not driving

Work is crazy all day, but for the first time in 3 weeks it feels like I’m catching up with the stacks of files that have become skeletons with cobwebs. I buy cupcakes… Continue reading

27 April 2011: The actual birthday

It’s my birthday. Thank goodness for Public Holidays. That much dawns on me as my brain tries to regain consciousness. Don’t ask me how old I am. I don’t even remember my middle… Continue reading

Issues resolved and drinks on their way

This past two weeks have seen me happy and soaring and shitting myself that I’m not going to keep up. As I write this, I know that my brain should be on my… Continue reading

My escape from reality

This week has started off with a bang, and like I said, the crocodiles are pretty damn near devouring my eyeballs. My stress levels are kicked into overdrive. I fully realise how much… Continue reading

To set the record straight, M’Lord

  I have been absent in my writings of late for two reasons.   One, I am up to my eyeballs in crocodiles with the work load I’m carrying. This does not bother… Continue reading