No thought to consequence

Today, right now, I am angry. I am angry in a way that I have not been in a long time. I’m livid and pretty much know that if I don’t say something here… Continue reading

Be nice to nice guys

I want to tell you something. It’s not like a secret or anything, but still a lesson worth listening to…   Nice guys should NOT finish last.   In honour of the Valentine’s… Continue reading

In vino veritas (Too old for hangovers)

Tonight the tinge of my red top makes me think of you, my dream man of the night. After my previous passion filled need for your awakening, things sort of stopped, didn’t they?… Continue reading


It’s a wonderful concept, right? Possibility gives you all these hopes and dreams you’ve never had before – It gives you the feeling that things can and will get better by some magic… Continue reading

Of dogs and men

Dear Urban Dog Owner, Thanks a lot. Really. I now have to sit here rambling out my angst over your dog instead of telling my dear Readers about the epicly amazingly happy weekend I… Continue reading

You ARE special to me…

So here’s the thing.   Of COURSE I treat you differently. I know that, you know that, the freaking gardener would know it, if I had one. I treat you differently because you… Continue reading

How to ease my troubled mind…

I know nothing about cars… When I drove my first car off the lot, my dad made me drive directly home where he proceeded to make me change the tyre twice. I guess… Continue reading

Expect butterflies

  It is a rare thing when someone’s touch on your skin gives you that butterfly-in-your-stomach feeling. Exceptional even. I felt that with you. Perhaps the moment too was as fleeting as a butterfly, but… Continue reading

The brutal truth better left untold…

I make mistakes. Sometimes I spill the sugar when I make tea, sometimes I spill the tea. Sometimes I break his heart, or hurt a friend or forget to tell you what you… Continue reading

My heart beats in your heart

I beat with my fists against your naked chest until I force my way in and grab a hold of your heart. I squeeze tight, wanting you to feel the pain echoed in… Continue reading