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Free falling…

I cannot say anything. I just can’t. I have been too afraid to put finger to key, because I am too afraid to break this brittle beginning of something I have dreamed of.… Continue reading

How to NOT like you…

Once upon a time long since passed you asked me why I like you. The answer was easy. I like you because I do. Sure, I can try to go into the attributes… Continue reading

The proof is in the living

Do you remember a while back I wrote about taking a step or two back, to let life just happen for a while and not be so complex about it all?   Well,… Continue reading

Guilt, growth and a guy

Guilt. It’s a tough emotion. It creeps up on you from the darkness of your own soul and before you know it, it shadows your every move, consumes your thoughts and detracts from… Continue reading

Expect butterflies

  It is a rare thing when someone’s touch on your skin gives you that butterfly-in-your-stomach feeling. Exceptional even. I felt that with you. Perhaps the moment too was as fleeting as a butterfly, but… Continue reading