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No thought to consequence

Today, right now, I am angry. I am angry in a way that I have not been in a long time. I’m livid and pretty much know that if I don’t say something here… Continue reading

The brutal truth better left untold…

I make mistakes. Sometimes I spill the sugar when I make tea, sometimes I spill the tea. Sometimes I break his heart, or hurt a friend or forget to tell you what you… Continue reading

Out of my mind… back in 5 minutes.

Ok, fine, I give in. I am going to bitch and moan about relationships, so if you are going to be bored or offended or judge me for it, please avert your gaze… Continue reading

Perception (yours is wrong)

You know what, I have bit my lip and held my tongue a lot in this life even though I talk a lot and, except if you’re a friend in the very inner… Continue reading