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If you are hopeful, why can’t you be happy?

Look, I wish I could explain to you why I haven’t spoken to you in such a long time – I mean why I have not gut wrenchingly smudged my bloodied truthful soul… Continue reading

In Vino Veritas (The truth is that everyone is Tad Hamilton to somebody)

“Everyone is Tad Hamilton to somebody. She’s Tad Hamilton to you, and you’re Tad Hamilton to me” I know the quote may be lost on you if you haven’t watched the movie, but… Continue reading

Unicorns that poop rainbows

Again, I come back to where I belong. Where it all starts and ends. My soul. This blog has never quite been about my need to talk about my emotions. It has been… Continue reading


I am standing right here. I am within your sight but forgotten from your mind. I rue the day that my heart took flight and spotted you from a mile away just to… Continue reading

New Zealand, New Year

I have been in New Zealand visiting my parents for just over a week and I am truly enjoying spending time with them. The country… well, judgment reserved so far, but let’s just… Continue reading

In vino veritas (my light is still burning)

Every time I look at you my passion grows both in depth and strength, my weakness is in the making and my desire knows no bounds. Perhaps if I was just a little… Continue reading

A promise is a promise

The phone rings and just like that you rip through my life once more. All of a sudden your sorrows are my sorrows, your sadness is my concern, your wellbeing left no longer… Continue reading

In Vino Veritas (Dreams don’t die)

There are those that understand and those who do not, this passionate pleasure that you bring to my dreams in the midst of a dark night engorged in warm blankets and red wine.… Continue reading

In vino veritas (My most ardent wish is you)

  You look at me with that distinct look of carnal courtship as we sip our wine and escape into the connection we find without fault every time. Your gentle eyes ignite my… Continue reading

In vino veritas (my dreams are my own)

  Tonight the temptation to linger nostalgically on the memory of that night and others like it is, well, temping. I drink red wine and slumber into the sweetness of meeting you in my… Continue reading