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Are we there yet?

Tonight I feel like a kid driving with my parents on a far away road trip, asking “are we there yet?” I always knew life would not be easy for someone like me.… Continue reading

Have you ever?

    Have you ever missed someone so much your life felt emptied by the mere thought of missing them? Have you ever loved someone so much there were no words to explain… Continue reading

20 July 2011: Ode to my Blackberry…

I’ve been quiet lately due to first a lack of inspiration, thereafter a lack of words to express said inspiration and now due to a lack of good health. I have Lymphangitis and… Continue reading

The proof is in the living

Do you remember a while back I wrote about taking a step or two back, to let life just happen for a while and not be so complex about it all?   Well,… Continue reading

Season’s Greetings

This holiday was filled with lessons. Some profound, some minor, some so valuable that words will never convey their true worth. I share a few with you at the beginning of this New Year…… Continue reading

God save the Queen

My dear, sweet England. I cannot help but think back on it tonight after a great reminder of my time there. I have fallen in love many times, but never as deep or… Continue reading

It’s October again

My posts have been somewhat gloomy of late, I admit. Not intentionally so, but my mind has been pre-occupied with my heart. It’s not a bad thing, for a little introspection goes a long… Continue reading