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A promise is a promise

The phone rings and just like that you rip through my life once more. All of a sudden your sorrows are my sorrows, your sadness is my concern, your wellbeing left no longer… Continue reading

11 June 2011: The weekend of worth

Ok, for the sake of clarity, let me backtrack to 9 June 2011 for those of you who are not on my social networking sites. Boyfriend left me…. I did NOT see that… Continue reading

How to NOT like you…

Once upon a time long since passed you asked me why I like you. The answer was easy. I like you because I do. Sure, I can try to go into the attributes… Continue reading

Guilt, growth and a guy

Guilt. It’s a tough emotion. It creeps up on you from the darkness of your own soul and before you know it, it shadows your every move, consumes your thoughts and detracts from… Continue reading

Be nice to nice guys

I want to tell you something. It’s not like a secret or anything, but still a lesson worth listening to…   Nice guys should NOT finish last.   In honour of the Valentine’s… Continue reading

My heart beats in your heart

I beat with my fists against your naked chest until I force my way in and grab a hold of your heart. I squeeze tight, wanting you to feel the pain echoed in… Continue reading

Season’s Greetings

This holiday was filled with lessons. Some profound, some minor, some so valuable that words will never convey their true worth. I share a few with you at the beginning of this New Year…… Continue reading

Dear Heart

Let me make one thing abundantly clear to you, ok? I am NOT a mind reader. Despite the fables that predict that I just know what you mean, I really don’t. I have… Continue reading