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A mistake does not mean failure

My past is colourful. It’s a nice euphemism that, isn’t it? Colourful. Like it’s a fucking rainbow with puppy dogs and lollipops and wishes that come true, but of course it never is.… Continue reading

In vino veritas (my light is still burning)

Every time I look at you my passion grows both in depth and strength, my weakness is in the making and my desire knows no bounds. Perhaps if I was just a little… Continue reading

Challenge Accepted

Last night I sat talking to the one person who gets not only a bit of me, but all of me. The person who I have unequivocally shown my true Jekyll and Hydeness… Continue reading

I have a brain. Please may I use it.

I have been sitting here for the past week trying to figure out what I want to tell you and therefore tell myself. I think that through writing it down my insight into… Continue reading

20 July 2011: Ode to my Blackberry…

I’ve been quiet lately due to first a lack of inspiration, thereafter a lack of words to express said inspiration and now due to a lack of good health. I have Lymphangitis and… Continue reading

The secret is that you must always keep dancing

You know what I have realised? People are TIRED of miserable people. It is no longer cool to be emo, or sullen, or suicidal. Ok, it’s also not great to be one of… Continue reading

2 July 2011: Overthinking and derinking

My tendency to over think almost any situation is legendary. It is the single biggest flaw I have, amplified by the fact that I talk a lot. You see, if you have a… Continue reading

Walking in Memphis

(Ok – Let me just say… I am fully aware of how corny this song is, but you best shuttup right now, since it is without a doubt my happy song – that… Continue reading

23 June 2011: Every action has a reaction

So I guess this post is more of a relationship thing than a today’s topic thing, but as in life sometimes it’s more complicated than that. What the heck, I’m ranting anyway so… Continue reading

I’m right here

You are an idiot. You say your best memories in life are all about me. Yet I’m standing in front of you right now and you’re letting me slip through your fingers. Ergo.… Continue reading