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  It is one of the big ones. Love and lust stand no chance against it, because without trust they simply cannot flourish. Sure, you can want someone, even love them, in the… Continue reading

11 June 2011: The weekend of worth

Ok, for the sake of clarity, let me backtrack to 9 June 2011 for those of you who are not on my social networking sites. Boyfriend left me…. I did NOT see that… Continue reading

Our Battles

  Our battles are repetitious if not broken poetry And maybe that’s the attraction that you’re as self-absorbed as me You jumped to the conclusion and landed on my chest Now how am… Continue reading

The Questionable Look

There is this look that you get every time your eyes find me, and I cannot figure it out. Time and again, I see you stare at me and I try to make… Continue reading

20 May 2011: How to cut your wrists safely the day before a rapture with a slash that’s been removed.

And so the world may come to an end on 21 May 2011. How doom and gloom. I WAS going to write about that and the wonderful things in my life and how… Continue reading

I am not all sunshine and roses

I like to pretend like the problems in my life do not pass the realm of love and heartache. You see, mending a broken heart caused by a silly boy who you never… Continue reading

My escape from reality

This week has started off with a bang, and like I said, the crocodiles are pretty damn near devouring my eyeballs. My stress levels are kicked into overdrive. I fully realise how much… Continue reading

To set the record straight, M’Lord

  I have been absent in my writings of late for two reasons.   One, I am up to my eyeballs in crocodiles with the work load I’m carrying. This does not bother… Continue reading

The proof is in the living

Do you remember a while back I wrote about taking a step or two back, to let life just happen for a while and not be so complex about it all?   Well,… Continue reading

I don’t do complicated.

So the other night I go out to a friend’s house for a drink, we get bored and (more importantly) we ran out of wine. It was the very end of the last… Continue reading