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I want to remember this moment, right now, this greatness I feel in my passion to reach my goals, the simplicity with which it seems I all of a sudden can tackle even… Continue reading

Let’s not pretend like we’re not going to pretend

Let’s not pretend that it didn’t cut deep. Let’s not pretend that this means nothing to me. I may pretend to not care, but we both know you cut me down to size… Continue reading


Dismiss as inadequate, inappropriate, or not to one’s taste.   A person or thing dismissed as failing to meet standards or satisfy tastes. This week, I was that thing (or person). It must not… Continue reading

The secret is that you must always keep dancing

You know what I have realised? People are TIRED of miserable people. It is no longer cool to be emo, or sullen, or suicidal. Ok, it’s also not great to be one of… Continue reading

A promise is a promise

The phone rings and just like that you rip through my life once more. All of a sudden your sorrows are my sorrows, your sadness is my concern, your wellbeing left no longer… Continue reading

23 June 2011: Every action has a reaction

So I guess this post is more of a relationship thing than a today’s topic thing, but as in life sometimes it’s more complicated than that. What the heck, I’m ranting anyway so… Continue reading

I’m right here

You are an idiot. You say your best memories in life are all about me. Yet I’m standing in front of you right now and you’re letting me slip through your fingers. Ergo.… Continue reading

God save the Queen

My dear, sweet England. I cannot help but think back on it tonight after a great reminder of my time there. I have fallen in love many times, but never as deep or… Continue reading

This is my interpretation

So I guess I’m obliged to write about this. I cannot ignore it, and I cannot just sweep it under the rug with the rest of my dirt and leave it for another… Continue reading

Presence perplexed by perception

I smile and pretend like the worries of my world are trivial petty problems compared to the sheer depth of hell you’re going through. I put myself on the back foot and let you… Continue reading