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Let’s not pretend like we’re not going to pretend

Let’s not pretend that it didn’t cut deep. Let’s not pretend that this means nothing to me. I may pretend to not care, but we both know you cut me down to size… Continue reading

I disappear

I know, I have been neglecting my writing and I continue to hope for at least a modicum of time to myself to try to explain to myself what has been happening in… Continue reading

I have a brain. Please may I use it.

I have been sitting here for the past week trying to figure out what I want to tell you and therefore tell myself. I think that through writing it down my insight into… Continue reading

23 June 2011: Every action has a reaction

So I guess this post is more of a relationship thing than a today’s topic thing, but as in life sometimes it’s more complicated than that. What the heck, I’m ranting anyway so… Continue reading

I’m right here

You are an idiot. You say your best memories in life are all about me. Yet I’m standing in front of you right now and you’re letting me slip through your fingers. Ergo.… Continue reading

No thought to consequence

Today, right now, I am angry. I am angry in a way that I have not been in a long time. I’m livid and pretty much know that if I don’t say something here… Continue reading

Out of my mind… back in 5 minutes.

Ok, fine, I give in. I am going to bitch and moan about relationships, so if you are going to be bored or offended or judge me for it, please avert your gaze… Continue reading