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Stress, Strains and sensations

I am stressed at the moment. Work has taken over in a big way and a lot has been and is happening. I have a lot of personal worries too. Things that are… Continue reading

1 May 2011: Hey you, yes you, shuttup!

Can it really be May already? I chat to Mein Schatz, make tea, talk to my daddy, talk to my mum, talk to The Best Friend about her plans for cocktails later, tweet… Continue reading

What’s in a name?

I promised you some light-hearted folly after my rant of last week, and it is this promise that has kept me scarce. The debris of the ranting have, however, now been cleaned up… Continue reading

Perception (yours is wrong)

You know what, I have bit my lip and held my tongue a lot in this life even though I talk a lot and, except if you’re a friend in the very inner… Continue reading

It’s October again

My posts have been somewhat gloomy of late, I admit. Not intentionally so, but my mind has been pre-occupied with my heart. It’s not a bad thing, for a little introspection goes a long… Continue reading

kə myóoni káysh’n

If you can’t get a hold of me by calling my mobile, you could text me, leave me a voicemail or call my work number – either my direct or our general line,… Continue reading

White Linen

There are few things in this world more alluring than the beckoning of a bed covered in crisp sun kissed just washed and pressed white linen bedding. The desire to sink into the… Continue reading

New Blog (you made me do it)

I’m trying to remember the last time I really sat down and wrote, and to my own dismay, I cannot remember. So should the musings of my somewhat damaged being peak your interest,… Continue reading